The Anchor
Our procurement and contracting strategies are the keystone of our work. We are known for developing innovative approaches that have raised the bar for procurement of waste, recycling and organics collection and hauling services—including unit-based pricing, financial reward for waste diversion, mandatory right sizing of services and transparent invoice formats. We know the industry players, continuously study the marketplace and stay current on the abundance of laws and regulations governing solid waste management.
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Procurement Contracts Purple Graphic
We Help You To
  • Research vendor options that meet your specific needs
  • Develop requests for proposals & bid documents
  • Facilitate pre-proposal & pre-bid meetings
  • Evaluate responses
  • Negotiate & execute contracts

The results are a customized procurement roadmap that ensures your contracts for waste, recycling and organics collection and hauling services are financially and environmentally sound while your organization stays in compliance with state and local laws and regulations.