Follow the Money
We follow the money to eliminate the waste in waste. We have developed a unique process to audit and analyze your daily operations and annual spend for solid waste, recycling and organics collection and hauling services. Our on-site analysis of operations and comprehensive review of your contracts and invoices connects every charge you pay to the services you receive.
Financial Audits Graphic
Financial Audits Operational Analysis
Find Profit Leaks

We document your current waste, recycling and organics diversion systems and baseline your costs. We pinpoint where you are currently spending unnecessary money, zero in on your profit leaks and show you how to eliminate them. The results are practical solutions to lean your waste diversion operations through continuous process improvements that reduce overhead, create passive income, and streamline efficiencies. We make sure you never waste time, money, or resources, dealing with your waste.

Some of the things we look for are:

  • Billing errors
  • Overcharges for equipment, transportation and disposal
  • Inefficient collection and consolidation of materials
  • Improper service levels and inefficient trucking