Jodi Taitt, an economist with almost ten years of experience developing and implementing commercial recycling collection systems, saw that improved recycling programs and solid waste management strategies created obvious cost saving opportunities that companies were not capitalizing on. In 1996, she established JL Taitt & Associates to serve developers, building owners and architects in designing buildings to support efficient solid waste management systems.


JL Taitt & Associates diversified its operations as a means to consult business, institutions and government in transforming their solid waste management problems and inefficiencies, into economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.


JL Taitt & Associates entered the field of organic waste management and has led the way in developing cost-effective solutions for food-rich businesses and organizations that generate large volumes of food waste and operate large commercial and institutional kitchens. Over the years, we have worked with caterers and foodservice vendors, corporate and culinary kitchens, hospitals, correctional facilities, K-12 public and private schools, colleges, universities and technical institutions, event centers, senior living communities, restaurants and hotels, food manufacturers, food processors, wholesale produce companies and retail grocers.


Two decades and countless clients later, JL Taitt & Associates, what started as a small venture has evolved into an industry expert with a new name, EcoConsilium.


Jodi Taitt successfully completed the TRUE Advisor Certification Program and is qualified to assist in the TRUE Zero Waste certification system administered by Green Business Certification, Inc. She is trained in the requirements of the TRUE Zero Waste Rating System, helps projects achieve TRUE certification and is committed to advancing zero waste strategies, tactics and policies.