The Foundation
Recycling is the bricks and mortar that built EcoConsilium and continues to be an integral component of our work. We guide you through the daily operations and logistics of your recycling collection systems to ensure they operate economically and at peak efficiency while producing measurable results that increase your recycling rate while decreasing your costs.
Recycling Collection Systems Graphic
Recycling Collection Systems Purple Graphic
Recycle Lean

We standardize the process sequence for your company’s recycling program including housekeeping, custodial workflow and hauler points of service.  We also develop standard operating procedures that plan for changes in the composition of the waste stream, volumes generated and workers safety. The results are lean recycling collection systems sized to capture routine volumes and flexible enough to capture significant volume increases during special events. We help you optimize the diversion of recyclable materials, reduce your garbage volume and minimize your costs. 

Our specialties include:

  • Internal collection container infrastructure for all space use types
  • Materials transfer routes, space adjacencies and storage systems
  • Workflow efficiencies and reduction in labor hours
  • External shipping containers and equipment
  • Loading dock configuration & truck access
  • Compliance with laws and regulations