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We are leading the way in developing financially sustainable organic waste management strategies for businesses and organizations that generate large volumes of food waste and operate large commercial and institutional kitchens. We mine the waste stream for food prep and plate waste in complex settings where meal events are served remotely from central kitchens; and foodservice operations, housekeeping and custodial services are outsourced to third party vendors. We go beyond simply recommending routine organic waste management programs, and design solutions customized to your organization's unique needs and budget.
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Waste Management Strategies
Food Waste First

We target food waste first—heavy, wet and dense—to lighten the load and reduce the volume of the residual waste stream. Food waste is versatile. It has the greatest number of end-use market options, and we follow the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy whenever possible. Food waste is challenging. It spoils quickly, and we bring to your project years of experience in developing the logistics and daily operations required to manage this highly perishable resource successfully.

Highlights of our work include:

  • Intermediate collection and consolidation logistics
  • Lift-free systems and workers safety
  • Cleanliness of operations
  • Odor management and pest control
  • Reduction of sanitary sewer blockages and grease trap clean outs
  • Eliminating the use of garbage disposals
Organic Fluff
We focus on organic fluff—lightweight organics such as paper towels, food-soiled paper and certified compostable foodservice ware. Adding organic fluff to the food waste stream changes the economics and operational approach to organics diversion, and we take the confusion out of analyzing your organic waste management options. The results are the Least Cost Fit to managing organics diversion systems that operate efficiently and meet your health and safety, environmental and financial goals.
Waste Management Strategies
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