Hotels & Resorts
Today’s senior living communities are often like hotels and resorts with town centers, shops and services, modern fitness centers, child day care and fine dining. Meals are served in a variety of venues from large dining rooms and neighborhood kitchens to restaurants, cafés, coffee shops and catered events. High-performing food waste recovery systems have a lasting positive impact on daily operations, worker safety and the bottom line.
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Collaboration & Consensus

EcoConsilium has a ten-year history of designing highly successful waste diversion programs for senior living communities. With an emphasis on food waste recovery, we serve the continuum of care journey from independent living, assisted living and memory care to long-term care centers, transitional care units, child and adult day care and respite and hospice care programs. By focusing on collaboration and consensus among the many key decision-makers and bottom-line improvements, we deliver results that fit the needs of your specific community.