The Crossroads
K-12 schools are the crossroads between residential and commercial solid waste management programs. Students take home what they learn about waste diversion at school and eventually enter the workforce knowing how to divert waste in commercial settings. When K-12 schools have high-performing waste diversion programs, there is a trickle-down benefit to residential curbside, multi-unit housing and commercial waste diversion programs.
K-12 PNL
K-12 Purple PNL
Holistic Approach

Since 2003, EcoConsilium has helped K-12 public school districts, public charter schools and private schools design, launch and sustain waste prevention, reuse, recycling and organics diversion programs. With our deep understanding of how K-12 schools operate, our approach is holistic with a focus on contracts for waste, recycling and organics hauling services; foodservice operations in the kitchen and cafeteria; building-wide recycling collection systems; and end-of-year school clean outs.