Hayes Residence

St. Paul, Minnesota


Hayes Residence is a 40-bed board and care nursing facility for older adults located in Ramsey County, Minnesota within the City of Saint Paul.  The facility offers a caring home for vulnerable adults who are under a physician’s care for chronic health conditions.  Through a County grant program, Hayes Residence partnered with EcoConsilium to assess its waste and recycling collection system.  Recycling was limited by an inadequate collection container system and a lack of knowing of how to recycle among residents and staff.  The facility had been receiving trash and recycling services without a hauler contract for years.

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We helped Hayes Residence streamline and standardize its trash and recycling collection container system and educate residents and staff on how to use it.  We right sized trash and recycling service specifications and helped the facility negotiate terms for a new hauler contract.  When neighbors threatened the progress made by throwing trash and recyclables into the facility’s dumpsters, we helped Hayes Residence develop specifications to install a concrete pad and build an enclosure around the dumpsters to prevent public access.  

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The improved recycling collection system decreased trash volume by half and tripled the recycling volume.  During the first year of new hauler rates and right sized trash and recycling services, Hayes Residence saved $4,800.